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Artist Statement



Painting is for me a process of discovery, the deeper discovery of what is around, the intense observation of the shapes, colors and textures I find in nature, as well as the discovery of myself, my inner world, of attentive observation of thoughts, emotions that accompany the entire creative process. To be present, to be in the now, to feel more intensely what I observe. Painting begins before painting and

When I decide to paint I bring all that I am.


The process in my work is very important, the entire journey in the creation of a work, all the questions, resolutions, challenges, joys, silences, the whole spectrum of states of mind are transported to the canvas, it is a work of deep introspection. and visually it becomes a language that goes beyond words.


My work is deeply connected to music, when I paint is like music composition, I choose a color, a shape that will lead me to the next one, I build the image through aspects of harmony, contrast and texture.


The contemplation of nature as an experience and painting as meditation are the starting point for the development of all her visual work.
The work does not have an objective representative character, but seeks to visually manifest the subjective state of the experience that nature contemplation inspires.
  The colours and abstract shapes in the paintings thus seek to awaken in the viewer a state similar to that which conforms when faced with a landscape, that is, a contemplative, meditative state, a state of enchantment.
The pure enchantment of colour, its fusions and contrasts especially in the passage from day to night are a source of great inspiration and the observation of movement and symbiosis of elements (earth, fire, air and earth).
The fruition and pure expression of colour and its manipulation through the watery technique allows an alchemical experience in which the fusion of colours and their observation return to the observer his own image, in the sense that they also mirror his internal landscape. 

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